***** NOTICE *****

With the mailing of the last few newsletters, there has been a fair amount of bounced email and undelivered mail sent via the US Postal Service. Please check your personal information on the membership page and provide any necessary updates to me:

Frank Whitty


Also, if you have been receiving The Piper Report via email and via the US Postal Service and you find that the email version meets your needs, please tell me so and I'll stop sending the paper copy.

If we can save a little money by doing this and if you will send more material for the newsletter, we might be able to send The Piper Report more frequently.

Maybe you're thinking, "I'd like to help, but I don't have anything to contribute". Here are some topics to help you get started:

Experiences you've had while you served aboard Piper. Whether a long story, "Sea Story" or a short paragraph, anything that you'd think would bring a smile to a shipmate's face would be great.

Was Piper your first boat? When you reported aboard, what were your impessions of the boat. Who helped you get settled? What were your duties? Who did you hang out with? How long were you aboard and where did the boat go? Etc, etc, etc.

When were you aboard Piper? Where did you go after leaving the boat? What are you doing now? Have you kept in touch with any of your former shipmates? Who have you lost track of that you would like to find?

Old photos are great. Send a caption if you can.

Have you recently visited a shipmate? Do you have a photo of the visit? Send a paragraph or more about the visit, or just send a caption for the photo.

What sort of things do you like to read about in the newsletter? Chances are your shipmates enjoy the same thing and they'd like to hear about it from you. So, take a little time to jot something down and send it to me. Bring a smile to a shipmate's face!